Monday, January 5, 2009

My Irish Christmas

After a number of years spending Christmas by myself, this year I was off to the West Coast of Ireland (Galway) to spend xmas with the bf's family. I have yet to recover from my many days of gluttony and tomorrow I'm off to France to continue on my path of sloth and indulgence. But before heading off to beautiful La Rochelle, I knew that I must first divulge my Irish experiences.

Somewhere around 2am, I heard Santa's bells ring. I thought this required me to rush out and see the happenings but I was warned by the bf that I must instead go to sleep and wait till sun up to enjoy Santa's wares. Being a very good girl, I happily drifted off...

On Christmas morning, still in our PJ's, the bf AKA Barry and I went downstairs to open our presents. Santa had been very generous with the two of us. Barry was the only child home (the other 3 were spending Christmas in other cities). My presents had a definite Obama theme - Obama T-shirt, both his books, a pin and a mug. Then we moved onto silver - lots and lots of silver earrings. After a tiring 1-2 hours of present opening, Papa Driscoll prepared a pancake breakfast (American-style pancakes) while the younger Driscoll prepared bacon, eggs and sausage.

After generously breakfasting, the young Driscoll and I took the dog for a walk. Along the way, we fed the family donkeys and thanked them for their deeds for young Jesus.

We then went home and relaxed while the Christmas meal was prepared. Turkey and all the trimmings.

We partook of a delicious repast, only to find approximately 9 desserts in the offing.

We ate and ate and in the end collapsed.

Oh the joys of Christmas!

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Justine said...

Looks like a fantastic Xmas day!