Monday, January 5, 2009

Knitted Christmas Presents

This year I knitted all my Christmas presents which actually presented some time management issues. I thought I had all the time in the world until I found myself watching the music channel and they were playing Christmas videos. In the right hand corner was a small avatar of sorts displaying that there were only 20 days to Christmas. I cried in alarm as I realized I had approximately 20 days to knit 5 presents plus a small number of commissions from my colleagues. I stretched my fingers and then proceeded to marathon knit. I pretty much got everything done around the time necessary. Sleep and I were not friends but I was happy to accomplish my goals.

My xmas presents were as follows:

1. Dr G Memory Vest for the bf

2. Hot Water Bottle Sweater for the Bf's mom

3. Noro Striped Scarf for the Bf's Dad

4. Crofter's Cowl for the Bf's sister

5. Noro Striped Scarf for the Bf's brother-in-law

1 comment:

Justine said...

Wow - you did amazingly! And the boyf's Dr G's Memory Vest looks fantastic - I made one for Steve so we may have to get them together so they can be twins.

Thanks for posting on my blog! Elizabeth Bennett - a classic for a reason. I love her too.

Good luck for the comp!