Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meet Oliver!

Monday night I went to Etsy Craft night and we were taught how to make plush toys. I had brought my own crafting stuff thinking I could pass on the plush toys and do my own thing instead but everyone was making toys so I jumped in. We were given toy shaped paper; we place the paper over two layers of fabric (mainly old shirts) and cut out our toys. Then we had to add the eyes and nose and use embroidery thread to sew the mouth. I had to then learn to use a sewing machine to sew up my toy. I was a bit tense during the sewing - had the machine set to the slowest possible and managed it.

Here's a pic of the toy sewn up. Note that for sewing up, you sew the two pieces together inside out before turning it right side out for stuffing. However, before sewing up it’s necessary to add eyes, nose and mouth.

Then we stuffed our toys and sewed up the bit you left open for stuffing. I decided I'd name this little guy Oliver. Here's Oliver and Jay-Z:

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Kelly said...

Too cute...what a fun idea!