Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Disaster/Knitting Tragedy

We have this housekeeper (more of a live-in nanny/housekeeper as my mom is on her own with my little brother) who did my laundry and felted my Swallowtail shawl knitted in Malabrigo Dos (still a test yarn). I’ve cried. I've drunk wine. I've eaten buffalo wings. And now I think I might need a scoop of Haagen Dazs. I kept meaning to tell her not to touch my handknits but I hadn’t noticed that she’d picked up the shawl as it was hanging with my coat on the door. I hadn’t noticed it was missing until way way too late (when she dropped my laundry off in my room). My heart stopped for a moment.

A Eulogy for my Shawl

I so loved you shawl,
you were squishy and warm,
and though I'm not a huge fan of purple,
you were just the right color that I could enjoy.
Oh goodbye my beautiful shawl.
You are now a lovely, soft bit of felt and I'll try to make
a lovely purse or other felted item with you so that
you would have not lost your lustrous shawl life in vain.


Anonymous said...

I mourn your shawl....

Renee said...

Oh, oh, no. That's tragic. :(

Diana said...

You have inspired me...

Oh shawl, Oh shawl
I lay you now to rest
A transformed life you will lead here forth.
Your gone from my shoulders and neck,
yet your warmth and inspiration still finds it's way.
Oh shawl, Oh Shawl.
I lay you now to rest.

I would never wish anyone an accidentally felted shawl.

Caryl said...

Thanks guys! I'm feeling a bit better now though I know it will take time to grieve.

Diana, that's a lovely poem. Thank you! My Swallowtail deserved such lovely words.

Denise~ said...

I stopped breathing as I read your post. Then a big gulp came at the end of the poem.

Eat two scoops of ice cream.

Then tell the housekeeper to keep her mitts off the handknits. (and maybe knit her something that she'll cherish and therefore understand the dire consequences of her actions).

DeltaPurl said...

I gasped when I read this....I am so sorry for your loss

Raphael said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your shawl!

I'm almost to the nupp stage with mine. I would be very sad/mad if it were harmed by anyone, however unintentional.

Lisa said...

Oh gracious me NO! This is a good excuse to buy more yarn - I mean you have to replace that one right?

Kathy said...

I think I might have to give up knitting. Seriously, swallowtail has been my most tear filled project ever. I don't know if I could risk it again! So sorry. still waiting for the marathon update!