Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crafting Mojo

For the last month or so, crafting has seemed a bit of a chore. It would seem that my mojo left me there for a while. I kept at it but something that would have taken me no more than a week to knit has taken me around a month. I think it's my current state of limbo that killed my mojo. HOWEVER, in two weeks I'm moving home to NY and I'm feeling really stoked. I also completed a fairly complicated FO but can't reveal it yet as it's going to my swap partner and it must stay top secret until she receives it.

The last few weeks though I've been walking around London and just enjoying the sites and sounds. I live around a 10 min walk from Covent Garden and today while I meant only to go and pick up some crimps from The Bead Shop, I ended up just enjoying the ambiance.


Renee said...

Mojos can be a sneaky thing!

Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing the street of London. I love the phone booth best. wish i can stand there one of these day.

I will let your Crafting Mojo know that u r looking for her and hope she can go back to you soon.