Monday, August 31, 2009

Ghana Retrospective: Some videos

I've been going through my Ghana photos and videos today and uploaded some of my videos to YouTube.

1. A typical morning. The students say their prayers, sing the national anthem and then say the pledge of allegiance. Then they sing and march off to class. Here's the upper grades marching off to class. It didn't occur to me to record this until after the little ones had also marched off. :-)

2. The kids had to practice for a cultural day. First here are the drummers:

3. Still the cultural day practice - this time some dancing:

4. It's the last day of school and the kids get to party all day. The music is playing and they dance. There was a competition and each class had to show off their skillz. Here's the BS (Basic School) 3 class - kids from around 9-10.

5. This one is my favorite. It's still the last day of school and the nursery kids are getting down. The little girl at the end is Monica. She was one of my faves.

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Diana said...

Way fun, way cute. This made me smile from the inside out. I love dance. Glad to see kids enjoying themselves.